Purpose and scope
Electrical installation boxes with fire-resistant coating are designed for installation of standard electrical installation products with an external casing of at least IP20 (sockets, switches, thermostats, etc.) when performing hidden electrical wiring in walls made of flammable, slightly flammable and non-flammable materials in residential and public buildings.
Boxes increase the level of fire safety of electrical wiring of buildings: localization and liquidation of fire of electrical installation products and cables at the initial stage, located in the box, including when installed in a low-flammable and combustible base (wood).
The boxes are designed for hidden installation in hollow walls, ceilings or floors, class Na. During installation and installation under normal operating conditions, they provide the necessary electrical and mechanical protection and safety of the consumer and the environment.
Shell: IP30
Rated voltage: 250V
Installation temperature: -3 - 40°C
Operating temperature: -30 - 50°C
Box class: Ha
Hot loop test: 850°C, 30s
Warranty period: 3 years
Service life: 20 years
The fire-resistant box contains a housing made of non-flammable plastic, the inner surface is coated with a fire-retardant thermally expanding composition, while the areas of the side surface of the housing adjacent to the frame are coated with a fire-extinguishing composition.
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The manufacturer has the right to make changes to the design of the product that improve its characteristics without notifying the buyer.
Installation instructions
Work on installing boxes must be carried out in a de-energized state by qualified specialists in accordance with current standards. It is prohibited to install boxes with external damage. Concealed installation is carried out in hollow or solid walls using spacer legs
or self-tapping screws. Prepare an opening in the wall, remove the plug from the outside for metal boxes, cut a hole in the membrane input of the box with a smaller diameter than the cable or sheath, and with a little force thread it through
membrane cable entry or sheath, install and secure the box. Visually check the installed box for damage! For metal boxes, connect the protective wire (grounding).
Operating instructions
Periodic inspections are carried out throughout the entire service life. Operation must be carried out in accordance with current regulations. It is prohibited to operate boxes with external damage or after fire extinguishing or overheating of more than 80°C; replace them. When
signs of malfunction - de-energize the line. Disposal must be carried out in the usual manner in accordance with local regulations.
Storage and transportation conditions
Transportation of boxes is carried out in packaging by any type of covered transport at temperatures from -40° to +40°C. Boxes are stored in covered warehouses from -40° to +40°C. Water ingress is not allowed.
Products are certified and patented
The boxes comply with TU 27.12.31-001-0139783490-2018, TR TS 004/2011 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment”; GOST 32126.1-2013 “Boxes and enclosures for electrical devices installed in stationary electrical installations for household and similar purposes. Part 1"; GOST 30244-94 “Construction materials. Combustibility test methods.
Section 6. Method 1."

Declaration of the EAEU N RU D-RU.AYA60.V.00561/19, Certificates SSBK.- RU.PB25.N00075 No PS 004360; ROSS RU.NA10.N01593 No0386371. Patent PM RU 187022 U1. A positive conclusion from the SEE was received.
Localization ability is the ability of a material to withstand a short circuit in the electrical wiring laid in it without burning through its walls.

Liquidation ability - the ability of a material (coating) to suppress fire
Operating principle
When exposed to overheating, sparks, flames, arcs or other ignition sources, under the influence of high temperatures, the main protective functions of the two types of coatings appear. The action of the coatings is inertia-free and occurs automatically.

The localizing coating is thermally expanding, reinforced with silica fabric; at 200°C and above it begins to swell, expanding, forming a layer with low thermal conductivity, thereby preventing the walls from burning through and their significant heating and deformation.

Extinguishing coating - fire extinguishing coating from 100°C and above throws a gaseous fire extinguisher into the box, fills the entire volume of the box with gas, eliminating the fire at the initial stage. As a result, the breakthrough of hot gases (combustion products) is reduced to a level that is insufficient for the base to ignite.
Features of application
  1. Possibility of safe operation of hidden electrical installation products in low-flammable and combustible walls, ceilings or floors.
  2. Suitable for concealed installation in wooden buildings with solid and hollow walls and partitions.
  3. Provides good sound insulation and absorbs sound.
  4. Membrane entries prevent the accumulation of dust in the box and provide additional safety and ease of installation.
  5. Localization of electric arc, sparks, flames, overheating or other sources of ignition and combustion products inside the box. Low thermal conductivity of the box walls: in the event of an accident, the temperature of the outer walls of the box will not be sufficient for the base to ignite.
  6. Elimination of fire at the initial stage, as a result, reduction of the breakthrough of combustion products to a level insufficient for the base to ignite.
  7. High rigidity of boxes: no deformation when installing cables or cables in a non-flammable sheath.
  8. The safety of use is confirmed by tests at the Rostov Central Medical Center.
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