Instrument box (two sockets)

Electrical installation boxes with localizing and eliminating capabilities are designed for installation of standard electrical installation products with an external casing of at least IP20 (sockets, switches, thermostats, etc.) when performing hidden electrical wiring in walls made of flammable, slightly flammable and non-flammable materials in residential and public buildings .

Designed for hidden installation in hollow walls, ceilings or floors, class Na. During installation and installation under normal operating conditions, they provide the necessary electrical and mechanical protection and safety of the consumer and the environment.


Shell: IP30
Rated voltage: 250V
Installation temperature: -3 - 40°C
Operating temperature: -30 - 50°C
Box class: Ha
Hot loop test: 850°C, 30s
Warranty period: 3 years
Service life: 20 years

Operation and installation manual

lwh: 138x68x50 mm

Weight: 120 g